Making Sense of It All

Breaking down the College Process to make it an accessible and exciting journey

Initial Consultation with Student and Parents:


  • Evaluate Academic Achievements – understanding your transcript
  • Identify Career Goals & Interests – personality, extracurriculars, and academic interests help guide this process
  • Set Educational Goals – Adapt curriculum to maximize your potential & success
  • Testing Plan – understanding your PSAT scores and Standardized Tests
College Search:
  • Design a list of schools to explore based on academics, geography, size, etc
  • Develop greater awareness of financial consideration of attending various schools
  • Design college visit and demonstrated interest plan
Essay Support
  • Essay brainstorming
  • Essay proof reading & honest feedback
  • Tips & Suggestions for writing an awesome college essay that stays true to you
Application Editing
  • Guidance, Support, and Proofreading your college applications
Establishing Timelines
  • Visiting colleges
  • Registering for Standarized Tests
  • Filling out applications
  • Drafting and completing essays
  • Applying for financial aid and scholarships



Summer Options – Internships, College Prep Experiences, International Programs, Volunteer Opportunities

Gap Year Programs – Post High School Opportunities in the US and Abroad

Israeli Universities – Earn a degree in English at an outstanding university in Israel